International Business Degree Requirements

Students are required to learn and understand the policies and requirements of their degree.

  • International Business students are required to complete a minimum of 144-149 credit hours which is determined by the specific emphasis area (Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing) the student chooses when they are accepted to the Upper Level in the Trulaske College of Business.
  • Only one D-range grade is allowed in the major.
  • The final 30 of 36 hours taken for a degree must be completed as MU courses UNLESS the hours are earned through a study abroad program.
  • Students must meet the following GPA requirements to graduate:
    • 2.0 cumulative GPA
    • 2.0 major GPA
    • 2.0 GPA in the final 30 hours
    • 2.0 GPA in the final 60 hours

International Studies Major Requirements

Foreign Language
  • Complete the elementary levels of a single foreign language.
  • Complete 6 additional hours of foreign language (conversation and/or composition) beyond the elementary level. 
  • Language courses must be taken in order.  
  • See the list of options in the Courses section under Foreign Language, Civilization, and Literature Requirements.
International Studies Area of Support Requirements
  • Complete 3 credit hours numbered 2000 level or above and 6 credit hours numbered 3000 level or above.
  • Courses used to fulfill requirements in this section must be courses from a College of Arts and Science department that have an international focus.
  • Business courses cannot be used to fulfill requirements in this section.
  • Select courses from the list of options in the Courses section under International Studies Area of Support Courses.
Study Abroad
  • Students should study abroad for a minimum of 4 weeks. 
  • If a program is less than 4 weeks, it must be approved by the academic advisor.
  • Credit earned during a study abroad experience may be used to fulfill major requirements.
  • Students should complete their study abroad experience prior to their last year.
  • Preparation for a study abroad experience should begin a year in advance.
  • Information on study abroad is available at the International Center website.

Foundation Requirements

English 1000
  • Complete with a grade of C- or higher. 
  • This course is a prerequisite for Writing Intensive (WI) courses.
College Algebra or Equivalent
  • Complete Math 1100 or equivalent with a grade of C- or higher. 
  • This course is a prerequisite for other math courses required for the Business major.
  • Placement information can be found at the Math Placement website.

General Education Requirements

  • Courses taken to fulfill General Education requirements must be selected from the General Education Course List.
  • Courses indicated in bold on the Graduation Plan are mandatory and are approved to fulfill General Education requirements.
Biological, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences
  • Complete Math 1300.
  • Complete Math 1400.
  • Placement information can be found at the Math Placement website.
  • Complete Statistics 2500.
  • Complete both a general education approved Biological Science and a general education approved Physical Science for a minimum of 6 hours. 
  • One lecture with a corresponding laboratory must be completed.
  • Laboratories should be taken with the corresponding lecture or after the lecture course is completed, but not before completing the corresponding lecture course.
Behavioral Sciences
  • Complete Anthropology 2030. 
  • Complete an additional 3 hour general education approved Behavioral Science.
Social Sciences
  • Complete Geography 1100 or Geography 1200.
  • Complete Political Science 1400 or Political Science 2700.
  • The remaining 3 hours are fulfilled by an American government or American history course which is approved to fulfill the Missouri State Law requirement. These courses are listed at
Humanistic Studies and Fine Arts
  • Complete 12 hours from three different departments.
  • Complete 3 hours of a Civilization course relevant to the foreign language the student is studying. For example, a student studying the Spanish language should complete a Spanish Civilization course to fulfill this requirement. See the Courses section for options.
  • Complete 3 hours of a literature course relevant to the foreign language the student is studying. This course should be instructed in the language the student is studying and should not be a course where English translations of the language are all that is studied. See the Courses section for options. 
  • Complete at least one course from the list of Core Humanities courses below: 
    • Architectural Studies 1600: Fundamentals of Environmental Design
    • Art History 1110: Ancient and Medieval Art
    • Art History 1120: Renaissance through Modern Art
    • English 2155, 2156, 2157, 2158 or 2159: Introduction to World Literatures (no more than 6 hours may be taken in this series)
    • Film 2020: World Cinema for Non-Majors
    • Film Studies 2820: World Cinema
    • General Honors 2112H: The Middle Ages and the Renaissance
    • General Honors 2113H: The Early Modern World
    • General Honors 2114H: The Modern Era
    • Journalism 1000: Journalism and Advertising in a Democratic Society
    • Music 1310: Masterpieces of Western Music
    • Music 1313: Introduction to World Music
    • Peace Studies 2410: Philosophies of War and Peace (cross-listed with Philosophy 2410)
    • Peace Studies 2810: Think Global Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies
    • Philosophy 2100: Philosophy of East and West (rarely available)
    • Philosophy 2430: Contemporary Moral Issues
    • Religious Studies 1100: Introduction to Religion
    • Religious Studies 2100: Indigenous Religions (cross-listed with Anthropology 2100)
    • Religious Studies 2110: Religions of the World
    • Religious Studies 2310: Religions of China and Japan (rarely offered)
    • Women’s and Gender Studies 2080: Perspectives on Sexual and Gender Diversity
Writing Intensive (WI) courses
  • Complete one WI course numbered 1000 + and Management  4140W with a grade of C- or higher.
  • The WI courses offered each semester are found at the Campus Writing Program website.
  • The WI 1000+ course can double-dip, that is, count for more than one requirement.
Diversity (DI) course (for first time college students beginning Fall 2017 or later)
  • Complete one DI course.
  • The DI courses offered each semester are found in myZou and are searchable under the course attribute “A&S Diversity Requirement.”
  • DI courses can double-dip, that is, count for more than one requirement.

Business Requirements

Refer to the Upper Level Admission Requirements and the Trulaske College of Business website for additional information on the BS in Business Administration requirements for International Business. Students must work with their Trulaske College of Business advisor for guidance regarding Business requirements.