International Studies Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies is an individually designed major with a strong multicultural and global focus. Students in the major have the opportunity to design a major that reflects their own interests and goals. The increased level of flexibility requires a higher level of commitment than is typical of traditional majors because students MUST do the work of building their own degree. International Studies majors acquire analytical skills and knowledge that will enable them to understand and contribute to shaping the quickly evolving global community. The program prepares students for graduate study and careers in academia, teaching, law, business, public policy, humanitarian aid, non-profit organizations, government, and diplomacy.

International Studies Degree Requirements (42 hour minimum)

A summary of the requirements for a BA in International Studies can be found below.  For detailed information about the International Studies degree requirements please see the International Studies Catalog Page

Core Requirements (18 hours)
18 hours of specified Core coursework, including ANTHRO 2030, GEOG 1100 or 1200, and POLSC 1400 or 2700. An additional 9 hours will be chosen from a broader list of courses.

Language Requirements (6 hours minimum)
For the major, students must complete 6 hours minimum of conversation and/or composition courses in a single foreign language, beyond the elementary level.  International students whose native language is not English may petition the International Studies Program to substitute for the language requirement upper-level courses related to their International Studies major focus area.

Regional/Cultural Area (12 hours minimum)
Could include additional language and literature courses from the language of major study, as well as coursework with an international focus from Philosophy, Religious Studies, Art History, Film Studies, and Civilization courses.

Social/Behavioral Sciences Area (12 hours minimum)
Could include coursework with an international focus from Geography, History, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, Rural Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies and Peace Studies.

Focus Area (12 hours minimum)
Course work with an international focus from an area of the student’s choice allowing the study of one area in depth. The focus area is typically related to the foreign language the student is studying. The 3-credit capstone experience will complete the 12 hours of credit in the focus area. The focus area options are:

  • East Asian Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • European Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Peace Studies
  • South Asian Studies

Capstone Options

Students will need to complete a senior level course related to their focus area to fulfill the capstone requirement during their final 45 hours of coursework.  Internships, readings courses, service learning, and 4000-level courses in the focus area can all be used to fulfill the capstone.

Study Abroad Experience Requirement

  • Students should study abroad for a minimum of 4 weeks. 
  • If a program is less than 4 weeks, it must be approved by the academic advisor.
  • Credit earned during a study abroad experience may be used to fulfill major requirements.
  • Students should complete their study abroad experience prior to their last year.
  • Preparation for a study abroad experience should begin a year in advance.
  • See our Study Abroad Page {Link to International Studies Study Abroad Page} for more information on study abroad options.   

For detailed information about the International Studies degree requirements please see the International Studies Catalog Page.